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What do you mean by real-time?

We do not check Amazon and reprice periodically. Instead, we have Amazon alert us whenever there's a price change online. This means we respond to those changes immediately rather than up to one hour later.

What do you mean by predictive?

Two things. When you're competing, you don't know what price would snatch the Buy Box from other sellers. When you're the only seller, you don't know what price would maximise your gross margin. In both cases, we try to find an answer by continually trying different prices and getting better at it over time.

How often will my items be repriced?

We'll reprice your listings as often as there are price changes online.

Do I need a professional seller account to use Mopio?

Yes. If you don't have one, you can upgrade through Amazon Seller Central.

Is there a limit to how many items you will price in any given period?


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We have integrated our in-house inventory management app with Mopio. We now comfortably handle over 10 million price updates every hour.

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